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New Year – New Facilities Management Support?

Facilities Management SupportThe New Year is the perfect time for facilities managers to have a good think about their management systems and how things are done. Are there better, more efficient, less expensive ways to work? If so, perhaps 2017 should be the year that you implement them.

The problem with new years’ resolutions, though, is that they often just don’t stick. Psychologists say that it’s because we try too hard, we start too big, and it’s all too much. We can’t do it, so we give up. The key is to start small. And although organising the management of the facilities with the building you’re responsible for may seem like a daunting task, take it bit by bit and you’ll see that it’s not so bad after all.

What Are Your Priorities?

For those who have been working in the facilities management industry for a while, you’ll know that the first few weeks back after the Christmas break are incredibly busy. The workers are full of energy, ready to get back to what they need to be doing, and if there are any problems they are more likely to want to get them fixed sooner rather than later. Planning for this early will help you when it happens. Because it will. It always does.

Instead of the new year rush coming at you all at once, it’s a good idea to use the quiet time you have over Christmas to identify potential problems and start allocating them an order of priority. It will cut your to do list down, plus you will be able to tell anyone who asks for something to be done that it is in hand – you might even be able to give them a timeframe. You won’t feel overwhelmed, and the problems and issues will be fixed in order. You’ll most likely save money too, as identifying an issue before it becomes too serious will be a cheaper repair than something that has suddenly become an emergency.

Get Things In Order

Whilst you’re looking into the potential issues ready to raise their horrible heads in the new year, it’s also a good time to look at your processes and how they are managed. Your lighting, air conditioning, heating, water, and everything else in the building all need to be checked over. Are all your contracts in place? Has anything lapsed? What needs to be reviewed?

Perhaps this is the time to get all of your processes under one umbrella and find an external contractor who can deal with everything for you. This keeps the maintenance cost effective and easy to manage, allowing you to concentrate on all the other things that need doing around the building.

What Should I Do?

Guardian offers a full package of facilities management services, and our support is second to none. From quick, responsive reaction times to advice and cost effective repairs, we can do it all for you. We offer a no obligation review of your facilities maintenance on site, and we can guide you through the next steps.

Just call us on 01525 862208 for more information and to find out how we can help you.

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