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Guardians 2018 Company Days

This year after a staff suggestion we held our first ever company day. This was set over two halves to ensure we still had cover to provide services to all of our clients. During the company days we wanted to discuss how our year had been during 2017 and what we had achieved. It is so easy to forget how far you have come until you sometimes pause and take a look back.

During the company days we also discussed how we could improve things and all staff from all departments got to put across their ideas on this. We did this in small groups and discussed it all together as a collective.  There were some very valid points and it was good to hear the staffs point of views on how they see where we are and how we can make improvements. After talking about our ideas we discussed what our goals were for 2018 and how we are going to measure these and drive the company forward. These will be monitored and communicated on a regular basis to let the staff know how we are doing during the coming year.

The days went really well and there was very positive feedback from staff. It was worthwhile taking the time to communicate this information and the staff found it useful. We presented all of the apprentices we a gift to add to their tool collection and a recognition certificate for their efforts so far. All staff received a thank you gift voucher for their hard work and effort during 2017. This was a lovely touch and much appreciated by all the staff.

All in all a worthwhile exercise and something we would like to repeat next year to carry on the momentum. Helping to build our future and provide the best service possible that is also cost effective to all of our existing and new clients.


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