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Don’t Spend A Fortune To Save A Few Pounds

Complete Building ShutdownIt’s the Christmas break, and it’s time for everyone to unwind for a little bit. Enjoy some time away from work. Forget about it. And that’s all very well for the office workers, but what about maintenance workers and facilities managers? Can they step away completely over the festive period?

Should they?

Should You Have A Complete Building Shutdown Over Christmas?

Although this time of year may seem ideal for shutting everything – heating, water, lighting – off, it isn’t always such a great idea. Initially, the thought of shutting everything down sounds like it would be fairly cost-effective; after all, why heat an empty building? Why waste that money when there’s no one at work?

Yet shutting everything down can actually cost a lot more in the long term. Budgets may well be tight, and that could be why you’re contemplating a full shut down, but turning everything off won’t actually protect your building and the facilities within it from emergencies such as boiler breakdowns or burst pipes if the weather turns colder. Then, when it’s all turned back on again, the problems could really start.

It’s Only A Few Days…

Whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, when the equipment comes back on it will take time to get back up to a fully working capacity again. The heating, for example, will need to be run on full, potentially for days, just for the building to reach the temperature level it was when it was shut down. That’s expensive and far more wasteful than leaving everything on when no one is there for a few days. And don’t forget, the Approved Code of Practice suggests a minimum working temperature of 16 degrees Celsius… Will the office be ready to receive its workers back again after Christmas? Or will the company lose money since no one can work in a cold workspace?

Keep It On

The best advice is to keep the commercial heating on even if the office is going to be empty. Saving a few pounds over the Christmas period won’t help if you then need to blow your new year budget right at the start due to boiler breakdowns and emergency call out costs – when boilers are re-started, plenty of problems can show up.

And then there’s the business’ reputation to think about. Were customers given a re-opening date? Will you make it? If not, you could upset a lot of people, as well as lose a ton of money.

What Should I Do?

If you’re not sure what the best option is for your building and the facilities within it, contact Guardian for a second opinion. We have a wide range of facilities management options to choose from, and our many years of experience make us the most knowledgeable FM company around. Just call us on 01525 862208 for more information and to find out how we can help you.

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