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Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps

Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps - An environmentally friendly way to heat your premisesYou are planning your new building or refit project. It’s done. You’ve remembered everything, ticked all the elements of that seemingly never ending list, and you can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s finished.

Isn’t it? Are you sure about that? Are you sure there’s not one extra added element that would make the plan even better? There might be, and it might be called a commercial air source heat pump.

What Is It?

A commercial air source heat pump is essentially an air conditioning unit, but rather than taking heat away from a building, it generates it, and it can reduce carbon of buildings emissions by up to 40%. These heat pumps use renewable energy to give you all the heat and hot water that your building needs, and it saves you money while it’s doing it.

Guardian are experts in these fantastic systems, and we are happy to give you all the information you need about them, giving you the knowledge to make an informed decision about whether installing a commercial air source heat pump system is the right thing for your building.

Why Install It?

If your building is a brand new one, you will know all about the legislated renewable energy criteria that it has to meet. Installing a commercial air source heat pump will ease the headache of ensuring your building is completely energy efficient and inline with all guidelines. It’s a big tick in the box for compliance, and an even bigger tick off your to do list.

Not only do these units keep you inline with legislation, they also make you money. Since they are so energy efficient, they improve the energy rating of your building, and lower carbon emissions, so when it comes to selling or leasing this new build, it will look desirable to prospective buyers or tenants. You’ll sell or lease quicker, and maybe even get a better price than other comparable buildings in the area. Plus, as a bonus, you’re helping the environment too!

But Are They Enough?

If you’re worried that installing commercial air source heat pumps will mean you won’t have enough heating or hot water in the building, you can rest assured that it’s not a problem. These systems (which are up to 300% efficient, as opposed to a commercial gas boiler which is typically 90 to 100% efficient) are made to give you heat and hot water, and lots of it. They also can also be designed to provide cooling in the summer months and use this rejected heat to provide free hot water, so you actually have everything you need in one simple installation.

How Much?

There is, of course, a cost involved in having a commercial air source heat pump system installed and it does tend to be higher than a simple commercial gas boiler. However, the energy savings, the fact that no mains gas needs to be installed or supplied, and the high efficiency more than make up for that initial higher cost.

What Next?

If the idea of using environmentally friendly, cost saving, compliance ticking renewable energy in your building sounds good, then why not contact us for a no obligation survey and quote? We’ll answer any questions you may have, and ensure that the system we recommend is the one that will suit your building the best.

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