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Henry Article

Congratulations Henry!

Henry has successfully completed his three month probationary period. We spoke to him whilst he was in the office to see how he felt his first three months has gone. I have now been working at Guardian for three months being an air conditioning apprentice and have enjoyed it thoroughly. For this three months I was […]

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Sam Scowen

Service Supervisor – Hot Seat Questions

Sam Scowen has been with Guardian for over 16 years now. He started with us as an Apprentice and is now our Service Supervisor and this week he has been in the hot seat! How long have you worked at Guardian Environmental? 16 1/2 years. If you had to describe Guardian Environmental in 3 words […]

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Cameron Apprentice

Apprentice Electrical Engineer Cameron – Hot Seat Questions

Apprentice Electrical Engineer Hot Seat Questions – Cameron Cameron started with Guardian earlier in the year, these Hot Seat Questions provide a good insight into his first impressions of his apprenticeship at Guardian. How long have you worked at Guardian Environmental? I’ve been working for guardian for a couple of weeks now as an electrical […]

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