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Complete Building Shutdown

Don’t Spend A Fortune To Save A Few Pounds

It’s the Christmas break, and it’s time for everyone to unwind for a little bit. Enjoy some time away from work. Forget about it. And that’s all very well for the office workers, but what about maintenance workers and facilities managers? Can they step away completely over the festive period?

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R22 Air Conditioning- The hidden problem

With summer fast approaching its worrying how many customers still have R22 air conditioning installed and are oblivious to the issues this may cause if a fault occurs. The change in legislation that has now been in force for sometime mean that should a leak occur or a fault develop with these units they cannot […]

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Is your Shower Head Hygiene as it should be?

Case Study – University Accommodation in London Take a good look at the pictures above, it’s not ideal, I am sure you would agree, but although many organisations are aware of their legal requirements for the control of legionella bacteria, few know their full responsibilities or hold current and appropriately managed WRA’s (water risk assessments). […]

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