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Apprentice Electrical Engineer Cameron – Hot Seat Questions

Apprentice Electrical Engineer Hot Seat Questions – Cameron

Cameron started with Guardian earlier in the year, these Hot Seat Questions provide a good insight into his first impressions of his apprenticeship at Guardian.

How long have you worked at Guardian Environmental?
I’ve been working for guardian for a couple of weeks now as an electrical apprentice and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it so far.

I like the fact that I can work, learn on the job and earn money at the same time.

If you had to describe Guardian Environmental in 3 words what would you say?
To sum up guardian in 3 words would be respectful, togetherness and cheerful.

What is the best part of your job?
The best part of the job is learning the trade I want to be in and learning from the best engineers. I’m learning a lot from working with them which I would like to thank them for. Also in the short time I have been with Guardian I am meeting new people in the team all the time and everyone has made me feel welcome which I really appreciate.

How do you make sure that we provide the best customer service possible to our clients?
We provide good customer services by being polite and respectful and giving the best service we can. Also a high level and standard of work being completed whilst at the same time keeping the work area clean and presentable.

What makes Guardian a good place to work?
Working for guardian is a pleasure as it’s such a cheerful place to work and I am loving getting up in morning to go to work! Everyone is so polite and I feel that it is a great team. It makes me feel privileged to work with such fantastic staff. I am looking forward to starting my college course and gaining more knowledge as my apprenticeship and career develops over the next few years.

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