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Air Conditioning Services

Create the right conditions for your team and your visitors

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Make your working environment more comfortable

A good air conditioning system makes your business and working environment more comfortable, productive and welcoming. Not only does it provide comfortable conditions at the touch of a button, it also controls the air quality. Your air will feel fresh as the system reduces humidity, removes dust and even some irritants. Your team will be happier and so will your visitors.

What you need to consider when you choose an air conditioning system

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Units can be selected to be unobtrusive

Your air conditioning installer needs to take into account a whole range of factors that will affect the type of system, the number and type of air conditioning units and the controls.

Is it really possible to get an air-conditioning installation wrong?

Yes, because there are so many factors to take into account. You can either overspend on the specification of equipment, so it’s more than you require, or your system will be inefficient so you won’t get perfect results and your running costs may be higher than necessary.

At Guardian, we make measured decisions for you

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Repair costs and the incidence of maintenance problems are lower with equipment from more established manufacturers

Overall, the better made systems have lower whole life running costs plus you won’t have the disruption of heating or cooling breakdowns. You’ll find the air quality is better and you’ll have faster control over temperature levels.

Repair costs and the incidence of maintenance problems are lower with equipment from more established manufacturers. We often specify Mitsubishi-Electric because of its excellent reputation for reliability and efficiency leading to better whole life running costs. Its modern technology gives your business excellent green credentials too. Long-term Japanese technology coupled with British manufacture is a hard to beat combination. We also specify all the other makes of equipment where there’s a clear overall cost advantage or where there’s a specific reason why that equipment is a better solution.

Find out more about the air conditioning systems we work with here.

A smooth running service, that’s flexible to your needs

Choose one element from our service, or a complete package that thinks of everything for you:

Why choose Guardian for air conditioning services, at a glance

“I would just like to say how impressed I was with the way your engineer dealt with the chiller problem today, this could have turned into a very costly repair.”
Pauline – Gemini Consulting
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It’s worth thinking about entire life cycle costs when you’re choosing air conditioning companies. Cheap and poorly manufactured systems are likely to be less energy efficient and require great levels of maintenance to keep them working. They’re also likely to have a shorter lifespan. We guarantee to give you only high quality solutions that we’re happy to recommend, and use excellent manufacturers like Mitsubishi-Electric and Daikin.

  • A flexible service
  • Peace of mind: of an established company with many years’ experience. We’re Constructionline registered and Safecontractor accredited.
  • Reassurance: all our engineers are REFCOM registered and carry an ACRIB (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board) card (which shows they’re trained to handle refrigerants).
  • Professionalism: Our engineers are all directly employed by us, uniformed for a professional appearance on your premises and DBS checked (previously called CRB).
  • Energy efficiency: with any air conditioning equipment we install.
  • In-house expertise: with all core services provided by our own team.
  • Fairness: you’ll get the full manufacturer’s warranty.
  • A total solution: you can choose a full aftercare service to ensure the equipment continues to run efficiently.
  • Part of your team: with our approachability, you’ll always feel like there’s someone to talk to.
  • Cost effectiveness and transparency: built into everything we do.

If this is the kind of service you’re looking for from air conditioning companies, contact us without obligation about how we can help.

Client support services

TM44 Reports. If you have a cooling duty over 12kw, you need to have a TM44 report done. It also makes good sense as it assesses your energy efficiency so could also save you money on an ongoing basis. If, as a Guardian customer, you need a TM44 report, we retain an independent consultant who can prepare one for you so you meet your legal requirements.